This month it’s our pleasure to congratulate Lee Swan, Polar racer extraordinaire.who walked from Resolute Bay in Canada to the Magnetic North Pole,
And won!

Well done Lee!

Think about this:

  • 650kms at temperatures averaging -40 degrees Celsius  (coldest -48 Degrees Celsius)
  • With GPS variations of probably 800kms
  • Hauling an 80kg sledge
  • Living in a tent, eating rations, no bath, no comforts, no night hours & and always daylight
  • Averaging over 25kms p/day

Why Lee? Are you nuts or very brave?
Lee trained for 2 years before spending a week with Ski Travels Tony Gatonby in Cervinia, training Lee and preparing her for the adventure, Miles of walking up steep slopes, hours on cross-country trails and no rest.

After that week Tony knows the answers.
Lee is brave, very committed to her sponsors Deloittes where she works in the climate change / environmental consulting department.
Save the planet is Lees drive.

Be that as it may, the ideal, drive and courage all counted for nought as reality took over.
It’s a fight out there a battle against the elements which takes no prisoners, leaving you lonely and desolate.

Well Lee, we are proud that you trained with Ski Travel & even more proud that you finished and won!

Nobody can ever take that away from you.

This series is written for the GSA by,
Tony Gatonby, Ski Travel- The Ski Holiday Specialists.