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Shape up for the slopes

Shape up for the slopes Skiing is a sporting holiday and requires stamina and strength, so get onto it now and get fit. Ski hire and passes If not included in your package, we recommend that you prepay for ski hire, ski passes and, if applicable, ski lessons before departure. To understand what report ski [...]

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First aid kit

First aid kit Always a good idea to carry a few items for self-medication.   Pain Killers Pro-Hep Aqueous Cream for after skiing Plasters Immodium Deep heat or Arnica Oil for aching muscles Viral Choice  

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Forex Purchase a cash passport card (available at Bidvest). Ensure you purchase in Euro�s for Europe and Dollars for the States. Double check the withdrawal limit on these cards as normal set at E200 /$200 per day. Cash Passport cards can be used in most stores and restaurants as well as most ATM�s worldwide. Make [...]

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Packing Do not over pack ladies! Jeans, flat boots, (no leather soles) layered tops and a jacket is the dress code in the evenings! 1 pair of Ski Pants is enough for a week. Wash your smalls in the shower and dry on the heater and not out the window! Important luggage often ends up [...]

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Suggested packing list

Suggested packing list Ski jacket Ski pants (Salopets or ski jeans) Beanie/hat Gloves (ski gloves for the day and another pair for the evening) Tube socks Sunglasses and/ or goggles Sunblock for your face Lip ice Layered Clothing Hiking boots are great for evenings as they help grip the snow Thermal underwear for evenings Bath [...]

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Travel documentation

Travel documentation Passports Please check your passports now! There needs to be valid for at least 6 months after your return date. There also needs to be three blank pages in your passport for visas and exit/entry stamps. Visas Check your requirements with the visa specialists as these change as often as one changes one's [...]

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A brief look at the modern history of skiing

The first ski tour took place in 1894 in the alps. The branger brothers teamed up with sir aurthur conan-doyle, creator of sherlock holmes, to traverse the area from davos to arosa in switzerland. The german wilhelm ritter von arlt made the first ski ascent of over 3000m, he was also the starter of summer [...]

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Don’t Worry, Ski Happy!

This month it's our pleasure to congratulate Lee Swan, Polar racer extraordinaire.who walked from Resolute Bay in Canada to the Magnetic North Pole, And won! Well done Lee! Think about this: 650kms at temperatures averaging -40 degrees Celsius  (coldest -48 Degrees Celsius) With GPS variations of probably 800kms Hauling an 80kg sledge Living in a [...]

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Written for Ski Lovers

 Ski Easy or Tough?  What do your clients want? Most skiers don't spend their ski holidays mastering mighty vertical walls or dropping down icy mogal fields.  Not because they can't, but because they don't want to! Skiing is about having fun, not doing boot camp and 80% of skiers never venture further than the blues [...]

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